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Welcome to Rasa Viet by Xin Chao Vietnam.
Rasa Viet presents Vietnamese Cuisine with a range of flavours from the Northern Region ( known for its savory quality ), the Central ( famous for its strong flavours ) and the Southern Region ( known for its slightly sweet flavours & dishes are served with fresh herbs ).
A Must Try & Well Reviewed Muslim Friendly and Casual Dining Vietnamese Restaurant.
Serving a Delectable Well Balanced Menu, with Unique Vegetarian / Vegan options.
Here at The Rasa Viet, we do not just Love Food, we Adore Food. 
The pleasure of Discovering, Creating and Sharing Good Vietnamese food is what inspired us to develop The Rasa Viet brand.
Good Vietnamese Food in all its forms: Wholesome, Traditional, Innovative, Nurturing, Nourishing and Flavourful is what drives us.
Rasa Viet -- Uniquely Vietnamese