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The Taste

Rasa Viet presents Vietnamese Cuisine with a range of flavours from

the Northern Region

( known for its savoury quality )

the Central
( famous for its strong flavours )

the Southern Region

( known for its slightly sweet flavours & dishes are served with fresh herbs ).

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The Chef

Over 15 Years of Vietnamese Cuisine experience. 

The food may look simple. But the hardest the challenging aspects and most difficult tasks are to cook out an authentic & delicious Muslim friendly -- Vietnamese Home style cuisine, using simple basic ingredients which are Halal certified.

Keeping to traditions, our Recipe is not commercially driven, but embracing the Classic taste from the diverse Villages & Cultures in Vietnam.
Here at Rasa Viet, we do not just Love Food, we Adore Food. 

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Our Philosophy

  • No misleading illustrations on the Menu.

  • Achieve the Authentic Flavours & Tastes of Vietnamese Cuisine with No Added MSG.

  • ​Elaborate & Traditional food preparation techniques with a simple presentation.

  • Maintaining High Service Excellence in a Casual Dining Atmosphere.

  • ​Small Simple Menu with Big Efforts 

Restaurant Menu


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